A shift in the universe

Psychologists say that when there is a paradigm shift in a person, it is equivalent to their universe changing.  Core values and perceived reality are the cornerstones of our lives and when those change, our world can come crashing down….or….it can be the start of something new and amazing.

The church has wrestled with issues of diversity from it’s inception.  Eating meat sacrificed to idols, once taught as sin, was now acceptable.  Gentile believers, labor on the Sabbath and women equal to men were all issues that the early church fought over.  And that was 2000 years ago.

Since then slavery, music, baptism, women in ministry, spiritual gifts and same gender relationships have challenged the churches unity.  The funny thing is that none of these are core issues to salvation, nor issues that Jesus spoke against, and yet, somehow, we feel the need to defend them, one way or another.

My background is very conservative, and my paradigm of understanding is being shaken.  I am beginning to see the cracks in the armor and the light of God’s grace is seeping through.  It’s a bit unnerving, but isn’t God known for that and shouldn’t we be used to it by now?

I choose God over my beliefs.  I choose God over my comfort.  I would rather have my world crumble and God have to pic up the pieces of my shattered soul than stand strong on a foundation of misperception, boasting in my ignorance and clinging to safety, apart from Him.

Here’s to a new reality.